The Enigma Experiment

The Enigma Experiment


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The Ostrich Inn 

Saturday 24th June 2017

 Only £49

 District: Colnbrook Slough

Time: 8pm until 1am



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On this paranormal investigation we are taking you to the 3rd oldest Inn in Great Britain and it is a location which is famous for its gruesome history of 60 murders that were committed on the premises! The Inn dates back to 1103 and in the fourteenth century a malevolent landlord called Jarman with the aid of his wife committed hideous murders which were targeted on weary travellers who came to the Inn to refresh themselves and get a bed for the night. However the unfortunate victims would never see the light of day again!

Jarman and his wife would target wealthy travellers and invite them to sleep in a room which contained a bed which was modified to commit the gruesome murders. A specially designed hinged bed would be the victim’s final resting place. Whilst the traveller was soundly sleeping Jarman would turn and say to his wife, “There is now a fat pig to be had if you want one.” She answered: “I pray you put him in the hogsty till tomorrow.” The bed would be triggered and the poor unfortunate victim would fall through a trapdoor into a vat of boiling water!Trauma is usually one of the main reasons for a location to be haunted; therefore we invite you to join the Enigma Experiment in what will be an amazing night of paranormal investigation at The Ostrich Inn!



The Ostrich Inn