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The Enigma Experiment


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Event Details 

The Rendlesham Forest Investigation Weekend

Friday 7th and Saturday 8th July 2017 Only £35

District: Woodbridge, Suffolk

Time: 8pm until 3am

Evening meal at 6pm

The Enigma Experiment is taking you to a location of total mystery! An incident in a forest on the nights between the 26th to the 29th December in Tangham Wood, which is a part of Rendlesham Forest was dubbed as Great Britain’s Roswell in 1980. On the 4th March 2017 if you are a person who craves adventure we are taking you to Rendlesham Forest for a weekend of excitement of epic proportions of investigating the unknown for only £35 per person!! Demons, red eyed demon dogs and unexplained unusual light anomalies in the forest are just some of what you may encounter!  Our last investigations were so strange, a lot of things happened on the nights which we could not explain which has prompted us to return to this very strange location for a whole!  This will probably be the strangest investigation you have ever encountered!

The British Ministry of Defence commented about the incident as follows... The department satisfied itself at the time that there was no reason to consider that the sightings had any defence significance.  The deputy base commander at Woodbridge Lieutenant Colonel Charles Holt had submitted a report for the British Ministry of Defence to investigate. The document dated on January 13th 1981 is known as Holt’s memo to continue reading this fascinating chronicle of events click on the link provided  

We have also arranged for a meal which is payable on the night should you wish to join us for a before event.  Please note accommodation  is not provided and is at your own.






Rendlesham Forest Investigation  

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