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THE OSTRICH INN - 24TH JUNE 2017 - £49

On this paranormal investigation we are taking you to the 3rd oldest Inn in Great Britain and it is a location which is famous for its gruesome history of 60 murders that were committed on the premises! The Inn dates back to 1103 and in the fourteenth century a malevolent landlord called Jarman with the aid of his wife committed hideous murders which were targeted on weary travellers who came to the Inn to refresh themselves and get a bed for the night. However the unfortunate victims would never see the light of day again!  Trauma is usually one of the main reasons for a location to be haunted; therefore we invite you to join the Enigma Paranormal Events in what will be an amazing night of paranormal investigation at The Ostrich Inn!

The Ostrich Inn 





The Enigma Paranormal Events is taking you to a location of total mystery! An incident in a forest on the nights between the 26th to the 29th December in Tangham Wood, which is a part of Rendlesham Forest was dubbed as Great Britain’s Roswell in 1980. On the 7th and 8th July 2017 if you are a person who craves adventure we are taking you to Rendlesham Forest for a weekend of excitement of epic proportions of investigating the unknown for only £35 per person!! Demons, red eyed demon dogs and unexplained unusual light anomalies in the forest are just some of what you may encounter!  Our last investigations were so strange, a lot of things happened on the nights which we could not explain which has prompted us to return to this very strange location for a whole weekend! 

Rendlesham Forest 




PENDLE WEEKEND 2017 - 15TH & 16TH  SEPTEMBER 2017 - £85

Your weekend will start at Lancaster Castle which was the focus of the Pendle witch trials. On your second night we will be taking you to a secret location which has never been investigated before in Pendle which was also mentioned in the Pendle witch trials.  To get you in the right frame of mind John Blackburn will be conducting a development workshop in order to development your senses for this dark intimidating location where you will be given the opportunity to use you psychic sense to unravel the mysteries of this secret location. The development workshop will be carried out at the Swan and Royal Hotel in Clitheroe. To complete your ultimate Pendle Hill Weekend we finish off this amazing experience at Pendle Hill! There is an evening meal on the Saturday night which is optional & at you own cost.

Pendle Weekend 2017 





This night is not for those of a nervous deposition for this location we have chosen for Friday 13th this is a place of pure evil! John Blackburn and the Enigma Paranormal Events will keep you on the edge of your seat and your heart pounding with fear as you take part in unique experiments like the Kelpie and Prana Experiments, séances and ghost hunting vigils...

The Kelpie Experiment: A shape shifter able to adopt human form and communicate with the living. A type of ghost or supernatural being supposedly responsible for psychical disturbances such as loud noises and objects being moved or destroyed. This experiment is not for the faint hearted or of a nervous disposition.  Can poltergeist activity be manifested by spirit communication?

The Prana Experiment: Prana is the Sanskrit word for "life force" and associated with Brahman, a spiritual concept in Hinduism. It is the pervasive, genderless, infinite, eternal truth which does not change, yet is the cause of all changes. Brahman is everywhere and inside each living being and there is a connected spiritual oneness in all existence, it's a key concept found in The Vedas, a large body of texts. Hindus consider The Vedas to be apauruseya "Not of Man." Can a strong energy force connect to spirit on a higher consciousness and intelligent level?

The Chocolate Factory  





Halloween Weekend Friday 27th October 2017. Join me John Blackburn and Maxine Jayne Briggs in a rare opportunity to take part in a back to basics Victorian Séance, experiments, lone vigils and much more in a location that is the epicentre of the Pentimento Experiment. This is a rare opportunity to visit an exclusive location once a year only and is probably the most active location you will ever encounter. This is only one room, but it’s a room that will send shivers down your spine! This is an opportunity you do not want to miss. Supper included, limited spaces available. Most of the Pentimento experiments are carried out here due to the location being constantly active, not over worked and is respected unlike a lot of the more well know locations that are not being given the chance to rest and recover from overuse.

Cooks Corner  





On this Halloween join John Blackburn and Maxine Jayne Briggs from the Enigma Experiment who will be taking you to East Yorkshire home a private residence that we have called “Raven Croft Manor” to protect the identity of the owner and the location.It appears that the manor has three ley lines that converge at this location, including one from Stonehenge. This could possibly be why the manor is a hotbed for paranormal activity.

On entering the manor you can feel the foreboding atmosphere within its walls, a location whose history of paranormal incidents will send shivers down your spine. To mention just a few there have been reports of multiple different types of activities from voices, lots of shadows, objects being moved or disappearing which reappear again in a different place.People have been held down in their beds.Incidents of being slapped, pushed, whispers and apparitions which seem to be getting worse.

When the veil has lifted between our world and the other world we will embark on an investigation where trepidation waits.You will be taking part in Victorian style séances, ghost hunting vigils and experiments and event lone vigils for those who want to stand in the presence of evil.Book soon for this is an experience you will never forget and not one for the fainthearted. 

Raven Hall Manor  





The building that stands now is the third in succession to be called Revesby Abbey and was designed by renowned Scottish architect William Burn in 1843, construction was complete in 1845 in a Jacobethan style and was built with 10 acres of formal gardens. The building has had a varied history and played its part in two world wars from being a medical supply unit in World War 1 and in World War 2 it was assumed to house pilots due to its close proximity the airbases in Lincolnshire. The present owner of this magnificent building has been experiencing high levels of paranormal activity and decided to allow paranormal investigations to take place here, beneath the building there are dark intimidating basements where there has been many reports of paranormal activity from slamming doors, dark shadows, ghostly footsteps and the overwhelming feeling of being watched.

Revesby Abbey